Anthony Trevelyan – Headshots

Anthony Trevelyan – Headshots

When the author Anthony Trevelyan asked to come into the studio for a series of heashots, I was really please. I’ve known Anthony for a few years now and I was really pleased that he trusted us with the task and to have the excuse to catch up with him and his wife Gemma again. Anthony’s first book The Weightless World was published in 2015 and he’s currently in the process of the finishing touches of his second book. As Anthony’s second book has been picked up by Sceptre, he realised that he was in need for a series of headshots to be used for promotion when the book is published.

As with all our clients, we took the time to find out what Anthony was looking for and also to look at opportunities to create images that are relevant to the background of the book.  As well as shooting in the studio, we also did some location shots in Manchester. The range of images provide Anthony with a series of headshots to cover a variety of needs without creating the need for another shoot – well until the next book….

If you would like to find out more about the headshot/portrait service we provide please contact Sara direct on 07979 291300  or email

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