In the age of increasing online media, it is important for architects and designer to have high quality architectural photography to document and promote their work. Work that can be used for web and magazine publishing but also of high enough quality to be used as fine art prints within your offices and also to provide high quality documentation for your clients. We take care to make sure that the photographs that we take are an accurate representation of your work showing it at it’s best.

Winner of Gold in Architecture in the North West British Institute of Professional Photography Awards 2016

“We were very pleased with the photos that Sara took of our spaces. We have two very different sites, one a bright, open, modern building completed in 2012, the other a beautiful but dark and sometimes cramped medieval building built in 1421 – quite the contrast! Sara captured lovely images of both spaces, her technical abilities allowed her to manage to brighten the medieval spaces without losing their character and show off the modern building without making it feel cold.” Elizabeth Coulson, Chethams School of Music, Manchester.