Behind The Image – Composer Martin Suckling

Behind The Image – Composer Martin Suckling

One of the things I love about photography is the ability to tell a story especially with portraits. Storytelling creates interest for the viewer and helps the image to stand out. It provides the viewer with some immediate information about the person before they have even read any text.

Often the storytelling in the image is assisted by the use of props or tools that the subject may use or may have created but sometimes it’s not always that simple.

For composer Martin Suckling, like many writers and artists, his work is often created on a computer. One of the problems with someone just sitting at a computer is that it tells you very little about what they do and let’s be honest there are a lot of pictures of people at computers out there. So to create something different for this shot, we decided to take some of Martin’s work and to project it onto his face and the wall behind him. Whilst that all sounds nice and simple, this then brought in a number of additional factors, making sure that his face was lit well enough for him to be seen clearly but also so the notes weren’t lost. There was also finding the right combination of music and text to create interest and then positioning it so that his features could be seen clearly.


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