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Welcome to the home page for commercial photographer Sara Porter. Thank you for taking the time to see what we have on offer. You can see some of our  work in our portfolios. Link: Here you will see work across a range of styles. We bring creativity into portraiture, architecture and product photography. 


Why do you need creativity with your commercial photography? Because if you are taking the time to have something photographed, you want it to be seen. By being more creative with your photography, you will attract a greater audience. So how do we get creative? By taking the time to learn about what you want and what your audience wants to see. As creative photographers, it’s what we do.


Our commercial photography clients include United Utilities, Electricity North West and Chethams’ School of Music. We also cover major events such as the National Diversity Awards and NRB.

50 Portraits

Recent creative photography can be seen in our 50 Portraits project. If you would like to see the exhibition, it is currently on at Stoller Hall in Manchester.

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