There is often a sense of dread for people when the thought of getting new headshots arises. This is often the result of not knowing what to expect on the day, the thought that no-one can take a good photograph of yourself and that general sense of feeling awkward in front of camera which has a stranger behind it. We aim to take that feeling away and provide you with high quality portraits that you will want to use.

How do we do this?

Planning – before the shoot, we will discuss with you the photographic set ups for the shoot. We would always recommend a clean white background with a simple studio set up which we bring with us. Using a white background allows for any future images of new staff to be taken without having to worry about matching up the backdrop. The white background also allows for easy placement of text if you wish to add any to an images, maybe a quote or a bio of the person in the images.

We also recommend a second set up which may be of the person at work or using another suitable backdrop that is at your location. Having two backdrops means that you have more choice and also means that you can update the images a few months later without actually having to pay for an additional shoot.

We also will send you some advice to share with your colleagues on how the shoot will run, recommendations on what to do with regards to hair and clothing.

Posing – This is always the part of the shoot that feels the most awkward, it needn’t be. We will talk you through how to stand, where to place your hands, where to look, making sure the whole time that you are feeling comfortable with the positions you are in. We will talk to you throughout so you won’t be left feeling unsure of what to do. We will run through a range of poses on the day, so you you will have a choice of great images to choose from.

After the shoot – Images will be draft edited and put into a password protected online album for you to check and select the images that you want to have. The selected images are then fully edited (so there is no need to worry about out of place hair or any blemishes or marks) and provided as hi-res and web friendly versions for company use.

Pricing– Pricing depends on location and number of staff to be photographed. For an accurate quote or if you have any queries, please email sara@saraporterphotography.co.uk with the name of your business, your address and the number of staff that you would like to have photographed.

To see portrait portfolio https://www.saraporterphotography.co.uk/pp_gallery/portrait-photography/



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