In The Bag | Food Photography

In The Bag | Food Photography

What’s In The Bag?

During lockdown, I’ve noticed that I’m getting a little more like our two dogs. As well as the constant wanting of food, I’ve also begun to get excited when my husband gets home with the food shopping. It’s that slight excitement of the unknown that comes when he brings the bags in. A sort of mid-year weekly Christmas. I’m battling the two dogs to see what’s in the bag.

So that I don’t seem completely sad with my over-enthusiasm I’ve made use of the bag rummage in creating some new work..

Pear silhouette

It’s All About The Lighting

With the majority of product shoots that we’ve done, it’s been very much about using creative lighting to bring some depth and interest to the product. It’s about creating images that make people look a little more closely. Not always making it an obvious shot about the food produce.



Seeing the Texture

By lighting the food in this way, highlights the texture of the food. It brings your eye in to details that you might not normally look at. It makes you consider the shape a little more than you might have done previously.




Whilst the initial idea of “In The Bag” was about shape and texture, colour is still important. As well as creating a silhouette, allowing for some wrap around of the light, you still get a sense of some of the rich colours.



red sweet pepper



Further examples of food and product photography can be seen in the commercial portfolio 

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