August Photography Checklist

August can often be a quieter month for businesses with staff and clients off on holiday, which makes it an ideal time to look at the images that are being used. Over the next few months I’m going to create a series of checklists to help businesses look at using and planning their image use effectively. To do this, you need to start by looking at the current images that you have and making sure that they work for you effectively.

In reviewing your images, you can divide your images into two types, illustration and storytelling. Illustrations in this case are your practical images, they are reference images. Theses images include white background product shots, headshots and building shots that are used for identification. The main use of these images is for practical and often internal company use. For online shops they are useful in accompanying storytelling images by showing clearly what a customer is investing in

The storytelling images are the ones that get peoples attention, they hold the persons attention a little longer and hopefully create some emotional value to the viewer. These are the images which encourage people to interact with your product or company. These should be the images that stick with your viewer.

If when you are reviewing your images you are finding that the majority of your images that you use to promote your work or your product are illustration images, you may want to think of planning to create/ use more with storytelling value.


Below is the the PDF download link with a checklist for what you should be thinking of in terms of your images during this month including looking at image style, use, branding and what you should be planning for in the next few months.

If you would like to know when the September checklist is produced, please use fill in the contact form at and just put Checklist in the message box.


PDF Download – click below


Photography Checklist August


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