Gary Curtin | Portrait Shoot

Gary Curtin | Portrait Shoot

Not long before lockdown, we did a shoot with euphonium player Gary Curtin. Whilst we did a lot of the shoot indoors, we braved the outdoors and headed to the beach. Whilst we had a dry, reasonably sunny day, it was also very windy. People can often forget to factor in strong winds with a shoot. On this day, the wind was too strong for using any reflectors, we had to use portable lighting and we were unable to use any lighting modifiers as they would have just broken in the wind.

The combination of wind and beach also resulted in the fact that we were working with a bit of sandstorm. So whilst we were getting sandblasted, we were also getting some great trails in the sand which gave us a really dynamic shot.

This shot is now the cover of Gary’s cd Eire Time. Further images from the shoot can be seen on Gary’s site at

Euphoium player Gary Curtin photographed on Hoylake Beach.




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