Pianist Freddy Kempf

Photographing Pianist Freddy Kempf

This time last year, if a location shoot was forecast to have bad weather we would look to rescheduling where possible. One of the things about the current situation is that we no longer afford ourselves that luxury. Unless that weather is hazardous to anyone working on the shoot, we go ahead.

I was originally scheduled to photograph pianist Freddy Kempf in the spring of this year, lockdown saw an end to that. Eventually the shoot was rescheduled to the autumn. As the date got closer and closer it started to feel more like a race against time as to whether we would have to postpone again. Logistics/ opportunity meant that we had just this one day for the shoot if it was to be done this year.

Of course it rained, as if it was going to do anything else but rain. So it rained and it was windy. Freddy was a true professional, the weather didn’t matter, he was happy to get out there and get the shots. So we found ourselves on a cold wet, windy beach, getting curious looks from wrapped up dog walkers. Shoot done and here are just a few of the results.

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