Wirral Kayak Challenge Drone Photography

Earlier this month I had the great pleasure of photographing the Wirral Kayak Challenge. The charity challenge covers 14 miles of the Wirral coastline. Drone checks meant limited use for a variety of reasons including another event along the coastline that day and areas under protection for wildlife. Care was also needed due to interference with support crews GPS equipment.

The opportunity did arise to grab some footage during the wait for the changing tide. In the image above you will see the kayakers and paddle boarders just waiting for the call to leave the beach for the second leg of their journey.

The image above shows the kayakers as they leave the sandbank and to the left the trail left by one of the jetskis used by the support team.

Finally one to provide a sense of the spread of the kayakers and paddleboarders as they head for the end point of their journey.

For further details on the annual challenge, follow them on their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/wirralkayakchallenge

Drone portfolio https://www.saraporterphotography.co.uk/pp_gallery/drone/

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